The Flow Acrobatics Courses deal with the thematics of body awareness and full-body coordination. The participants will get to know the concept in a playful way by integrating new movement patterns which are based on fluidity, resilience and lightness and have their origin in capoeira and contemporary dance.

Hi, I’m Kenan

Kenan Dinkelmann grew up in Passau, Germany and graduated from Artez, School of Dance, Arnhem with a BA of performing arts and completed the SEAD postgraduate program Bodhi Project directed by Susan Quinn.

From 2014 on he worked as dancer with various choreographers and companies in Europe and performed works by some of the most renowned artists as Wim Vandekeybus, Sharon Fridman, Johannes Wieland Anton Lachky and Simone Sandroni.

Kenan is guest teacher at Stadttheater Bielefeld, Marameo Berlin, Tanzbüro Basel and teaches his Flow Acrobatics workshop all over the world.

Kenan also teaches online by offering an online coaching program as well as the Flow Acrobatics Beginners Course.

As a choreographer Kenan created the piece „Astral“ which was premiered in Sofia, Bulgaria with further shows in Dock11 Berlin and Arnhem, Netherlands.